Diploma in Civil Engineering Department at City Polytechnic Institute Khulna

Diploma in Civil Engineering

One of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines, Diploma in Civil Engineering involves planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and supervising infrastructures which include facilities essential to modern life like highways, bridges and tunnels, schools, hospitals, airports and other buildings, sewage systems and water treatment facilities. Subsequently, the course also involves protecting the public and environmental health as well as improving existing infrastructure.

Diploma in Civil Engineering is 4 year program and it consisting of 8 semesters (each semester is
6 month). Two exam such as in-course and final exam held per semester conducted under the
supervision of Bangladesh technical Education Board (BTEB).

City Polytechnic is one of the private polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh and the first and largest
private polytechnic institute in Khulna. Starting from the year 2003, long 19 years have been leaving the
signature of achievement in all fields. The main objective of technical education is to make students
skilled through hands-on training. Every year the students of City Polytechnic Institute Khulna have been
proving their skills by occupying good place at the regional level of Khulna region in terms of results. City
Polytechnic Institute Khulna is offering a golden opportunity to get Diploma-in-Engineering at a very low
cost with government-aided scholarship facility. Technologies: 1. Civil engineering 2. Electronics
Engineering 3. Computer Engineering 4. Electrical Engineering 5. Architecture Engineering 6. Mechanical
Engineering 7. Marine Engineering 8. Automobile Engineering 9. Textile Engineering 10. Garment Design
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