Mechanical Technology

Why study mechanical technology?

From the dawn of human civilization to today’s modern development, the importance of mechanical engineering is immense. Mechanical engineering is constantly working on a continuum of periodic mechanical development in keeping with the Stone Age. As the saying goes, the contribution of mechanical engineers exists where the wheel turns. The contribution of mechanical technology to the operation of all modern machinery in the present civilization is indisputable and its importance will continue forever. Majority of electrical, electronics, computer, textile, civil technology is related to mechanical technology in one way or another. It is possible to get employment by learning practical work from mechanical technology. Mechanical engineers are continuously contributing to meet the challenges of the 21st century and implement the vision of the present government. In the current context of our small Bangladesh with a huge population, the contribution of mechanical technology to turn the population into a public resource is immense.

Socio-economic status of mechanical technology:

There are many departments under the technical education department, among them the mechanical department is one of them. Practical or hands-on training is imparted in the mechanical department along with theoretical knowledge. Practical education in mechanical department includes various machines such as:- Lathe machine, shaper machine, milling machine, grinding machine, welding machine, besides many other types of machines are given hands-on training. Through all these practical or hands-on education, students get four years duration. After the completion of the course, they are appointed as assistant engineers in various industries and all those students achieve great improvement in the industry through the practical application of their technical education. As a result, the industries benefit financially. On the other hand, the economic development of the country is achieved. If he thinks that he will do something by himself instead of working under others, in that case a student- by taking this technical education can set up a small workshop by himself by procuring a few machines and by applying his technical education in this workshop to satisfy the needs of various customers financially. Can be profitable. Since the owner of the workshop is one, the owner can enjoy all the earnings of the work in the workshop. Also, if the owner wishes, he can increase the scope of his work by hiring some workers. As a result, job resources are created for some people and at the same time income path is created for some people. So finally it can be said that mechanical department under technical education is playing a great role for the economic development of the country.


Today’s world is determined to reach the pinnacle of technological advancement. The importance of mechanical technology in the broad field of engineering science is immense. Along with other technologies in the engineering science of today’s world, there is a vast field of work in mechanical technology. Currently in Bangladesh there are job opportunities for diploma engineers in mechanical technology in various sectors including power sector, industrial sector, clothing sector and education sector. Notable among these sectors are Water Development Board, Power Development Board including various power plants, Bangladesh Railways, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation, Rural Power, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, Bangladesh Shipping. Corporation, Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation, Atomic Energy Commission, Technical Training Center, Engineering Colleges, Technical Teaching in Vocational Schools Colleges, Bangladesh Navy Export Processing Area Authority, Gas Fields and various public and private institutions. In addition to Bangladesh, there are job fields for Mechanical Diploma Engineers in various fields in different countries of the world. So we all should take technical education in an important technology like mechanical technology.

A student- by acquiring this technical education can run small workshops by himself by procuring few machines and applying his technical education in these workshops to meet the needs of various customers can be financially profitable. In addition, since the owner of the workshop is one, the owner can enjoy all the earned money of the cause in the workshop. Also, if the owner wishes, he can increase the scope of his work by hiring some workers.

Higher Education Opportunities in Mechanical:

B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering

There is a separate university for higher education of Diploma Engineers. Duet, Gazipur.

A.M.I.E course offers 4 (Four) years B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering.

There is an opportunity to study B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering of 4 (four) years duration in JUST and SUST universities.

There are also 4 (four) separate universities proposed.