Marine Technology

Importance of Marine Technology

The shipping sector is the backbone of the global economy. To move from one end of the world to the other, the economy of today’s world is almost completely dependent on the sea. All the goods transported in the world (80-85%) are transported by sea. It is said that if all the ships in the world stop for (01) day, then half the population of the world will have to starve. All the mechanical trades including mills, cement factories, cement factories, electrical power plants will almost stop and that is why there is no strike on ships. . With the outer world, the import and export of all goods, including the raw materials of the mills and the necessary goods of man, will be stopped, and the world will be immobilized. And all the commercial ships along the mountains, are directly managed by Satfiit Morani officers.

The world’s most expensive professional degree marine engineering, which has achieved the status of the second profession in the world (first aeronautical, third profession medical) is the only marine profession that has the opportunity to travel the world. At present, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Brazil, Netherlands, Sweden etc. are standing in the same row with Russia, which reflects the importance of Bangladesh in international naval affairs. And to maintain the success of this work in the international arena, the necessary honest hardworking prudent, prudent, stable intelligence fully competent marine engineer officers. If the wheel of the world economy is shipping, and if the carrier of that shipping is the ocean-going ship, then it can be said that this world revolves because of the seafarer. And keeping this world moving is the purpose and goal of marine.

Why study Marine Technology?

Diploma-in-Marine Technology (4) years duration (8) semester course. Currently, Marine (3) occupies the third place among all occupations in the world. Not only is the space occupied, but the demand for marines is also great, and the reason for this greatness is that they are very few in number. It is very important to study in the marine department in order to increase this number and take the country further in the world market. If for some reason mariners are stopped for seven days all over the world (07) then the world will almost come to a standstill. Because almost percentage (80-85%) of transportation is completed through shipping lines. Starting with a Marine Engineer Diploma can lead to a full engineer qualification of international repute. We know it is not easy to travel the whole world, but a marine engineer can travel the whole world. Moreover, in terms of finance, Marine is one of the departments that can sustain itself financially in a short period of time. By all accounts, studying Diploma-in-Marine Technology can lead to a successful career in a short period of time.


Technical education means real oral education. It is possible to get a job all over the world by gaining practical knowledge from marine technology. In all cases where one can join the job as an engineer:

Foreign ships, Bangladesh Navy

B.I.W.T.A, B.I.W.T.C

Chittagong Port, Mongla Port, Payra Port

Deck and Engine Crew Training Centre, various technical schools

Power plant, gas plant, diesel plant

The reputation of the country is blessed (100)+ private shipping companies

The reputation of the country is blessed (50) + dock yard

Mechanical Engineer (300)+Industry