Our History

Sundarbans is the world’s best mangrove with natural beauty. City Polytechnic and City Medical Institute, the first private enterprise established in 2003, is located in Khalishpur, the traditional industrial city of Khulna in the southwestern region of Bangladesh, on the banks of Rupsha, Bhairab, Chitra, and Garai rivers. Its education program is being conducted in a completely political and smoke-free environment in its own campus and wide range. Its journey started with 44 students of Computer Technology with the approval of Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Step by step today the number of technology is 17 and the current number of students is about 4000. The passing rate of this institution has been satisfactory since approval. Its educational program is being conducted in its own multi-storied building. The construction of residences for teachers and staff with separate residences for students has already started with the purchase of land and its implementation. In the near future there are plans to open B.Sc graduation courses with up-to-date modern technology for higher degree of students.