Vice Principal’s Message

In this era of globalization, science and technology have no alternative to survive in the competition. Skilled manpower formation is essential to be a partner in development and reap its benefits. And for that purpose addition of technical education along with general education is a timely decision. Realizing the importance of technical education, City Polytechnic Institute was born that day. And this is the continuation of today’s journey. It is our hope that our concerted efforts with the goodwill and cooperation of the present government will turn technical education into mainstream education in the coming days. In this populous country of ours, technical education can improve the situation and join the ranks of developed countries. The day may not be far when we will not be job seekers but make every student an entrepreneur and create employment. As a self-sufficient and strong state, we will present ourselves to the world in a new form with a new spirit. Not only this, technical students will be at the forefront in leadership. Their innovative and creative ideas will bring comfortable changes in the way of life. We will be at the forefront of changing times. Our lives will become enjoyable in vivacity and activity and will be uncompromising in morals. May the heart be filled with gratitude with such prayers and submission to the eternally almighty creator.

Sheikh Habibur Rahman

Vice principal

City Polytechnic Institute Khulna